Tracking the Tropics

Sep 10, 2013 9:53 AM by Dave Baker

Two Named Storms-Season Reaches Peak

September 10th is the statistical peak of the hurricane season. It may seem like we haven't dealt with a lot of tropical systems this year, but we're above average. With Tropical Storms Gabrielle and Humberto active over the Atlantic, those are the seventh and eighth named storms of the season. Normally we have about six by September 10th, and a normal season brings between 10 and 11 named storms. September usually brings three storms (we've had two develop this month already), October brings two, and usually we see another in November. Based on these numbers we're on track for a normal to above normal season for total named storm count.

What is unusual is the number of hurricanes so far this But that may change today or tomorrow. Tropical Storm Humberto is packing winds of 65mph over the Eastern Atlantic. The forecast calls for strengthening into a hurricane soon. The three to four day outlook strengthens it to a Category 2. Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Gabrielle has regained its tropical status today near Bermuda. It is expected to remain a tropical storm with only slight strengthening before heading into the Northern Atlantic grazing the maritime provinces of Canada. Hurricane season ends on November 30th.


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