Nov 17, 2011 11:34 PM by Maddie Garrett

Twilight Fans Line Up for Premier

The latest Twilight movie "Breaking Dawn" took over Acadiana theaters Thursday night, with fans lining up for hours just to catch the first showing of the film.

"We got here at seven," said Twilight Lindsey Bertrand at the premier.

Bertrand had a lot of time kill before the midnight show. And if the movies weren't enough, she re-read the book while waiting.

"it's epic, it's like a huge love movie straight for the book I love it," said Bertrand.

But other fans have been there longer than that. Samantha Broussard got to the theater at 2:00 pm and watched an entire marathon, four movies total. She'll have spent almost 12 hours at the movie theater when it's all over.

"It's so worth it because breaking dawn's almost here because I'm so excited," said Broussard.

It's also a big night for theaters and staff. The Grand on Johnston had 11 of 12 screens sold out, totaling roughly 2,000 people.

Aside from your typical female fans there were a few guys in the scene. Seth Dupre said he and his friend came along with their girlfriends.

"Came to see Twighlight with our girlfriends, take them on a little date. Pretty much why we're here is for the girls you know," said Dupre.

Breaking Dawn is the fourth of five Twilight films.



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