Sep 2, 2011 11:51 AM by Dave Baker

Tropical Weather Impacts

Tropical Depression #13 is trying to get its act together over the central Gulf of Mexico today and should become a tropical storm sometime later today. It hasn't moved much since yesterday, and #13 should drift very slowly toward the Louisiana coastline.

The National Hurricane Center strengthens this system to 65mph before landfall. But it might not reach land until late Sunday or Monday. This could set the stage for a heavy rainfall event, especially in areas from Biloxi to New Orleans, but much of coastal Louisiana will see the potential for flooding rain.

Today rainfall will move into the eastern sections of Acadiana with mostly cloudy skies and a nice breeze. Tonight the rains will spread westward and should be steady through Saturday. Heavy rains will be possible through the day Saturday with winds getting stronger by Saturday night. Tropical Storm force winds will reach the coastline early Sunday and could spread inland to areas along I-10 by Sunday afternoon. Heavy rains will continue area wide Sunday.

As the system makes landfall late Sunday or Monday, there will be windy and rainy conditions with the potential for rain induced flooding. Tides will run above normal, but storm surge flooding is not expected this time.

Here are the threats from this system from the most likely to least likely. 1. Rainfall Flooding. 2. Coastal Flooding. 3. Tornadoes or wind damage from individual storms. 4. Tropical Storm force winds.


Today: Rainfall will increase with heavy rains possible this afternoon. Tides could run up to 1 foot above normal. Gusty winds to 30mph will be possible.

Saturday: Rainfall continues, above normal tides, winds up to tropical storm force possible, and waterspouts in the offshore waters.

Sunday: More rain, heavy at times. Winds up to 60mph at the coast. 40-50 mph in gusts in areas 15 miles inland. Above normal tides.


Today: Scattered Rain with heavy rain possible. Staying breezy.

Saturday: Widespread rainfall, flooding possible. Winds 25-35 mph. Severe thunderstorm threat.

Sunday: More rain likely, winds 35-45mph. Some severe storms.


Today: Scattered rain, some heavy at times. Cloudy and breezy.

Saturday: Rain likely, some heavy with flooding possible. Winds 20-25 mph. Severe storms possible.

Sunday: More rain, winds 30-35mph. Severe storms possible.

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