Sep 15, 2011 4:23 PM by Letitia Walker/Tonya LaCoste

Trinity II Crew Shared Life Boat

Still no response tonight from Geokinetics on our repeated requests for information involving the Trintiy II evacuation. We have learned, from one of Mexico's daily newspapers, La Jornada, the 10-man crew took turns on the raft. The men who weren't in the raft were floating in the water and wearing life jackets tied to the raft. Five life jackets were shared amongst the stranded men.

Reports out of Mexico also say four people were alive on the raft when found including Kham Nanimuzzaman, from Bangladesh, Luis Manuel Escobar, Rubén Augusto Gómez Velásquez and Eleaquín Lopez, the latter three Mexicans. Also on the raft was the body of one of the Iberia Parish men, although that name has not been released. Outside the raft were Ted Derise Jr.of Iberia Parish, Rubén López Villalobos of Mexico, Jeremy Parfait of Houma, and the body of one of the Iberia Parish men.


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