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Treasures of the Journey celebrates 53 Acadiana women

"Look into the eyes of a powerful woman and you see it. She has a spark. It guides her. It grounds her. It gives her peace. That spark inspired the works you will find in this book." - Treasures of the Journey

Treasures of the Journey is a courageous ride through the powerful emotions women can discover when taking their life down a new path. Their works of poetry, art and photography have been described as comforting, gut wrenching, sad, celebratory and beyond, each is vividly presented across 120 full-color pages. The entire collection is seemingly different, yet culminates into a story about a journey of courage almost all women share.

Perhaps most intriguing is how each work of art is flanked by a portrait of its creator. They are women who look like any we would know. What readers find in this juxtaposition is not only an expression of a woman's often-hidden creative force, but a new story about how that lies waiting in each of them. It's as if the book wants to mirror the woman we know with a reflection of the woman within.

Finding your chosen path is perhaps the point of Heroine's Journey: A woman's search for truth. "The Journey," an 8-month women's workshop created by Lafayette-based therapist Fran Clarke, is certainly what each of these 53 women have in common. For many it was the spark that built their creative fire. It is a process challenges each participant to find a part of them they long to express ... their personal truth ... and the results can be astonishing.

"When I first developed The Heroine's Journey, I could never have imagined the holiness that I would experience through the unfolding beauty, spirit and power of the women in each circle," Clarke says. "Most of them had never written or created before participating in this program, but were able to access and express themselves from deep within."

The book will be release at a special cake and champagne celebration on January 6th, 2013 from 2:30 to 5:30 at First Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall located at 1130 Johnston Street in Lafayette. A limited number of copies will be available for purchase with additional copies available through Barnes & Noble and





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