May 10, 2012 8:15 PM by Erin Steuber

Travel Channel highlights LA food, culture

The Travel Channel is putting Louisiana culture and food in the spotlight. A new show "All You Can Meat" seeks to find the most mouth-watering cuts of meat. Fried pork fat in Erath is what the crew is after this week.
'All You Can Meat' learned how to cook cracklins with World Champion Kyle Usie.
"Louisiana is a one of a kind place, even the world. We cook foods no one else in the world cooks, or never even heard of, and it's good food too," said Usie.
Host Chuey Martinez is in Louisiana for the first time and has never had cracklins until now.
" This is the first time seeing them being prepared, and I'm actually helping out and having a great time," said Martinez.
Erath was not the crew's first stop in the state. They've been to New Orleans and Gonzales
"I've had some amazing jambalaya and this thing I've never had before called a hand grenade," said Martinez.
The Travel Channel originally wanted to do a segment on boudin, but when things fell through they called a UL professor to make a new plan.
"I got a phone call last week, out of the blue, asking if I could coordinate a hookup for cracklin' for this Travel Channel show," said Bob Carricker.
Teaching is not Carriker's only passion. He blogs about Cajun food in his spare time.
"It's just really exciting. It's fun, because this isn't what I do for a living, it's a hobby, but it leads to other things I wouldn't otherwise have access to," said Carriker.
After cracklin' cooking, Martinez and his crew will catch, cook and eat crawfish.
"We're just having fun out here with these amazing lovely people, and I love Louisiana," said Martinez. "Thank you so much, I love you guys."
The show will premiere August 15 at 10 PM.


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