Dec 29, 2011 12:00 AM by Shawn Kline

Trash hoarding? Bank finds piles of trash in foreclosed home

How long could you live in a pile of garbage? Some people in a Lafayette neighborhood say one woman was hoarding trash for more than a decade.

The home on Hummingbird Lane was just recently foreclosed and the person living there, evicted. Neighbors say the property was never taken care of but they were shocked when they saw what was inside.

"I've never seen this!" Phil Sexton said.

"It started getting worse." Tina Lawerence says, "it was just like a buildup of trash."

Both Lawerence and Sexton say they live on a clean street with nice neighbors, but one house was clearly out of place.
The wood is rotting on the outside, the trees untrimmed, and the "stuff" just piled up under the car port.

"We thought maybe she was a hoarder or something like that." Sexton says, "then all of a sudden the door opened yesterday and I was just like woah, the gut-wrenching smell was just unbelievable!"

With homes just feet apart, Sexton and his neighbors couldn't miss the smell when that door opened: trash piled four feet high in some places throughout the home.

"The walls were just covered with trash," Lawerence said. "Cat food cans, litter containers, yogurt containers, it was horrible!"

The bank that repossessed the property wouldn't allow KATC to take our cameras inside as workers spent hours cleaning what neighbors say is only a portion of the garbage pile.

"It's undescribable." Sexton says, "anything you can think of is coming out of here."

The previous owner isn't facing any charges and the bank's plan is to get the home cleaned-out and fixed-up and put back on the market.



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