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Dec 10, 2013 5:12 PM by MELISSA CANONE

Towing For Life Program

In the spirit of the holiday season, area residents can get a free ride home and free towing for their vehicle if they have had too much to drink to drive home safely. This service is being offered by Guy's Towing Service, Inc.

"At Guy's Towing, we do not condone excessive drinking, however, sometimes people do over-indulge without intending to, and we want to offer an alternative for those who might consider driving after they drink," said Sales Manager Jason Babin.

People who need to access the service can call Guy's Towing Service, Inc. at (800) 237-GUYS (4897).

The service is in effect from now until after the New Year's holiday. Once someone calls, a tow truck will be dispatched to their location in Lafayette, Broussard, or Baton Rouge and they will be given a free ride and a free tow home, no questions asked. All we require is that their vehicle be operable, they not have already been detained by the police, and that they be going home and not to another party location.

According to Babin, "If this program ends up saving just one life, it will be worth all the effort. Too often we have to deal with the horrible results of alcohol-related vehicle fatalities. We would much rather tow people home at no cost than make money from the injuries and deaths caused by intoxicated drivers. "

Guy's has been offering this program since, 1986 as an alternative to existing education programs about drinking. Since that time, Guy's Towing technicians have towed more than 1,000 drunk drivers in our community. The program has earned the President's
Citation for Private Sector Initiatives.



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