May 7, 2013 12:53 PM by KATC

Tools for Schools help Northside High

Northside High School is home to Lafayette Parish's first sustainable learning garden, providing hands-on learning for students.

When Kayla Deshotels' enviromental science class takes their seats, they can't wait to get out of them to head outside. Deshotels said "My kids absolutely love coming out in the morning. Every morning when they come into class they ask "Are we going into the garden today?"

Deshotels' class has created a sustainable learning garden, a wind-powered, and student-powered initiative to learn about the very plants they're studying in class.

"They learn the parts of a plant, and they get to come out into the field and identify them. They get to identify specimens and different types of plants," said Deshotels.

The students in Deshotels' class are fully invested in the garden, and say they're actually excited to go to class.

But to sustain that garden, it costs money. Money that Deshotels has had to pay for herself.
Things like shovels, mulch, and other supplies the garden needs.

That's why Tools for Schools decided to step in to make the garden a little greener.

KATC told Mrs. Deshotels we wanted to do a story on her garden, but what we didn't tell her was that we were there with a little surprise.

"KATC and Roofing Louisiana would like to give you guys five-hundred bucks to go towards your garden," said KATC's Alex Labat

Deshotels still hopes to raise more money, to help her garden, and her students, blossom.

"We're growing so much we're eventually going to move the fence line and put a greenhouse and get some more plants and stuff so this is really exciting," said Deshotels.

Deshotels has a fundraiser set up at, the website, geared toward teachers looking to assist their students, has already seen a number of donations come in. If you'd like to help sustain Mrs. Deshotels learning garden, go to the website and use type in TREAT as the match code.



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