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Mar 22, 2012 4:05 PM by KATC

Too Many Tours?

Robert Bales, a staff sergeant, is expected to be charged this week in the March 11 killings of nine children and seven other civilians, who were gunned down in a late-night rampage in Afghanistan.

KATC viewer "Lee"
"I'm in the Army and I've been deployed only once and OMG all the things I had go through to unplug from that life when I came back from seeing medical help to going to a sleep center to help me with my dreams. I would wake up on top of my girlfriend with one hand on her neck n the other hand in the position as if their was a gun n my hands n the dreams felt real. I would wake up n deep sweats n reliving things from out their so before anyone judge him keep n mind were trained to kill n its not like u can turn it off n on like a switch, and keep in mind he been deployed 3 times wow....he needs help but he don't deserve life n jail"

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