'Tis the season for King Cakes

Posted: Jan 5, 2012 5:19 PM by Elizabeth Hill
Updated: Jan 26, 2012 3:53 PM

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"The 12th day after Christmas, the Feast of the Epiphany, the day the Wise Men brought gifts for the Christ child."

And here in South Louisiana it marks the start of the Mardi Gras season.

According to the Catholic tradition, King Cakes are not to be eaten before January 6, but that hasn't slowed down demand for the yummy cakes year round.

Kenneth Keller of Keller's Bakery says they do their best to meet that demand while sticking to tradition.

"If you order outta season we go with the seasonal colors. Like for Thanksgiving we use the fall colors. For Christmas we use the green and red."

Some major grocery stores begin selling the cakes shortly after Christmas making it hard for people to resist the tasty treat. After all, what's wrong with a little early Mardi Gras spirit? Well we asked some of our viewers on Facebook what they thought and got mixed reactions.

Debra Barras Vice doesn't like the early start. She says, "Just like everything else, rules, traditions, beliefs are changed and broken."

Craig Walker agrees saying it's too early, traditions mean something.

But Rhonda Wells Foreman says "Tradition can be a good thing, but it's never too early for King Cake! yummy!"

So whether you stick to the tradition or indulge a little early, you can't deny king cakes are hard to resist.


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