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Apr 19, 2012 7:15 PM by Elizabeth Hill

Tip from psychic leads police to renew search for missing St. Landry Parish man

Authorities from three parishes working together in hopes of finding the body of a St. Landry Parish man missing since 2010.

39-year-old Earl "Bubba" Kidder went missing in Point Coupee Parish after a fishing trip with two friends two years ago. Police suspected foul play after the car kidder was in turned up torched.

After a tip from a psychic, authorities from St. Landry, St Mary and Point Coupee Parishes are renewing the search, bringing in a cadaver dog

"Two years...nothing."

Bubba Kidder's sister Melissa Brown is hoping the search will bring her family closure.

After two years and no new leads, Kidder's father visited a psychic who told him police should take another look at the crime scene.

"When law enforcement gets to a scene and they have no other leads and they can't find any additional information to help 'em, sometimes we may have to turn to a psychic to give us some kind of reading as to what direction to go in," says St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz.

The cadaver dog, brought in from Patterson, picked up a scent. Guidroz says this area was initially searched by police investigators, but never by a canine.

"We're hoping that we'll have some luck and find some remains and let this come to a close with the family."

It's possible Kidder's remains could be found buried or his body could have been there and later moved. Kidder's family is hoping this is the closure they've been looking for.

"This would just be a way of shutting the door and letting us go on and know that he is definitely at rest and we have his remains to put to rest," says Brown.

The Louisiana State Police Crime Unit and the LSU Anthropology Department were called to the scene and are probing the ground to see if there is a disturbance in the earth. If there is evidence of someone burying something, they will begin excavation.



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