Oct 28, 2013 5:53 AM by Kristen Holloway

The Steampunk & Makers Fair

For those looking to take a trip back in time, The Steampunk & Makers Fair is just the event to attend!

This year is all about inventing and innovating. People can expect costume play, fun competitions, science, gaming and live bands. The Steampunk & Makers Fair is for all-ages.

Cité Des Arts & Lafayette Science Museum is showcasing & celebrating science, technology, education, art and mathematics with a twist.

It's a literary genre that turned into everything from costuming and costume play, video games. It has become this huge cultural phenomenal kind of like a renaissance fair only it's late 1800's mets Doctor Who," said Cite des Arts Program Director Christy Leichty.

The Steampunk & Makers Festival has grown tremendously in the past 11 years and is now housed in five locations downtown.

"We have performing arts and entertainment inside Cite and live music outside on Vine Street. At the science museum we have panel discussions and short lectures and demonstrations. We have makers everywhere so there's going to be vendors selling things that they've made and people demonstrating," said Leichty.

This event is for the creatives, whether you like to build things, dress up in a top hat or use goggles in case you want to travel in time and dream up stories.

"I think they're a lot creative people in Lafayette and of course they love to dress up, they do it for Mardi Gras, they do it for Halloween so we're going to have them do it for The Steampunk Fair," said Leichty.

This event is Saturday November 9th and it kicks off at 11a.m. and goes all the way until midnight.
The festival consists of a beard, mustache and facial hair competition, live bands and live demonstrations from makers and builders. Also the event is free to the public.

So bring your favorite pair of goggles and your steam-powered suits for some innovative fun on November 9th. For more details head over to



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