Dec 9, 2013 12:03 AM by Alex Labat

"The Red Zone" Brings the "Green" to UL

The 2013 New Orleans Bowl is right around the corner, and the Red Zone is hoping to keep up with the demands of the fans. "When you buy a shirt from the official team shop, all of our proceeds go back to the university. If you buy it from the Red Zone, if you buy it from the University Bookstore, a lot of shirts you see right here we have in both locations", says Sarah Armentor, University Bookstore Assistant Manager.
The store is run in conjunction with the University Bookstore, which means unlike other vendors who sell Cajuns gear, 100% of sales goes back to the university. "Your money spent here can go to the Art & Architecture Department, it can go to the College of Business, it can go to Athletics, it can go to the dorms. It can go anywhere the university deems it's worthy to go", says Armentor.
But even the Red Zone knows there's some items they don't stock or carry, suggesting other retailers who sell UL gear, because any purchase from those vendors partly supports the university. The university does get a cut from other stores who sell merchandise, however the stores themselves see a larger cut when the item is officially bought in their store. "We have no issue allowing them to go to any other vendor. Why don't you try going to Hot Stuff, why don't you try Academy, why don't you try here. It's not something that we carry but perhaps we do", says Armentor.


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