Oct 1, 2009 12:00 AM by Megan Schiering

The Rant: School Bus Driver Arrested

Should the Bus Driver be Suspended?

According to Lafayette Parish School Board Superintendent Burnell Lemoine, a recommendation of a three-day suspension in the case of the Lafayette Parish bus driver Kenny Mire was administered.
The dates on record, October 8th through 12th, cover a 5 day period, however, two of those days are Saturday and Sunday. Since bus drivers do not work on Saturday and Sunday and do not receive payment for those days it was not included in the suspension.


A Lafayette Parish bus driver was arrested recently, accused of being intoxicated while driving his own vehicle. Some parents are outraged the school district is allowing him to still put the key into the ignition.

This is Kenny Mires second DWI arrest. Charges were dismissed back in 2004 in connection with his first arrest.

A spokesperson with the Lafayette Parish School District says there is no policy in place for a bus driver arrested for DWI but there is one if the driver is convicted.

"I'm furious and disgusted. I'm scared for my child's life, for his safety," said parent, Tiffany Smith.

Mire used to pick up and drop off Tiffany Smith's 12 year old son but after news of his arrest she's ripped him off the bus.

"I will not be allow my child to be put in the hands of a drunk driver," said Smith.

The specific circumstances of Mire's arrest have not  been released to KATC. Meantime the school district says they are addressing the issue but parents say that's not enough.

"He should be put on some sort of leave. I don't care if it's paid just put him on some sort of leave while they investigate," says parent Karla Bruno.

School system officials say Superintendent Burnell Lemoine will make a recommendation to the school boards at next Wednesday's meeting. 


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