Nov 19, 2012 6:17 PM by Kristen Holloway

The Liquidation of Hostess Affects Jobs in Lafayette

It may not be the end of the road after all for your favorite Hostess treats. A bankruptcy court judge is ordering Hostess and its second largest union into mediation to resolve their differences, that means the Texas-based company won't go out of business right away.
Hostess announced Friday that it would shut down after 82 years in business.
For most Americans the Hostess news may mean no more Twinkies but for others, it means no more jobs. The liquidation of Hostess will cost 18,000 Americans their jobs including 13 in Lafayette.
"To have a job with less pay is better to have no job at all and I really didn't think they would just force them to close that way," said Route Sales Driver Kelly Docet.
Hostess moved to liquidate on Friday, citing a week long strike by its Bakers' Union. The Union, however, blamed management's concession demands, while some employees blamed both sides.
"Everyone was shocked, we've had problems for 8 and half years but we didn't think a hand full of people would be so hard headed," said Doucet.
A federal bankruptcy judge is urging mediation to save Hostess from liquidation.
"It affected us drastically but it also affected a lot customers that we had that depend on us to get the product out," said Doucet.
Mediation talks are expected to begin on Tuesday.


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