Jun 6, 2011 6:39 PM by Melissa Hawkes

The Intense Heat Puts Pets and Plants in Danger

People aren't the only ones trying to stay cool as the temperature heats up. Outside dogs rely on their owners to make good decisions, so they don't overheat.

Veterinarian Phillip Dupont said, "provide shade and a sprinkler would help or a big tub of water. They'll go jump right in there."

He recommends not taking small dogs outside for long.

Dupont said, "just take them out to use the bathroom and then bring them back in. Don't take them for a 5 o'clock walk on the hot road, because they are low to the road and heat rises."

It's not just animals that have a tough time dealing with the heat, residents need to check on their plants frequently.

Native Sun Sales Manager, GiGi Boyd, said "if you are hot and you are thirsty, then your plants are hot and they are thirsty. You want to water them as much as possible, just keep checking throughout the day."

The best way to check to see if your plants need water is to stick your finger about an inch down into the soil and if it's dry or the soil is cracking, then it needs some water.

"Water your plants at the bottom try not to get the leaves wet on big trees and shrubs because the leaves can burn, " Boyd said.

Also, even though the label on many plants says full sun, it may be better to bring them into shade during the hot afternoon hours.


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