Aug 1, 2013 10:16 AM by Kristen Holloway

The Diabetic Kitchen

Do you have diabetes but you're unsure of how to handle the disease?
Well there's a relatively new support group in New Iberia that helps people cope with diabetes and educates them on how to control the disease day by day.

"I was diagnosed with type two diabetes about a year ago, as I began talking with people telling them about my diabetes, I kept encountering people saying I'm a diabetic also, I'm a diabetic also," said Founder/CEO Nathaniel Mitchell.

With a passion to help others, Nathaniel Mitchell founded a diabetes support group in New Iberia calling it The Diabetic Kitchen".
Two members of the group were both diagnosed with type two diabetes a year ago but they told me the diabetic programs have really educated them to become healthier.

"It's helped me learn how to eat, learn to control what i'm eating and meeting a lot people has helped me be informed about it," Mike Bourgeois.

"They have so many things they can result from it, you have the lost of limbs, lack of feeling in your body and with the knowledge of talking to others you can be aware of that," Bertha Jones.

Both Bertha and Mike say they've come a long way since the group started 14 months ago but they still have personal goals they want to achieve.

"Lose weight for sure because it puts a a lot on your body and I want to be able to learn how to eat right and exercise the right way," said Bourgeois.

"Being from the deep South we have a love for our cuisine but we do have to taper that off," said Jones.

In the next couple months, Nathaniel says his ultimate goal is to expand the support group to other parishes.
He says he wants people to understand how to control diabetes day to day.

"Most people say control diabetes cause you may lose a limb, we don't say that in our group, we say control diabetes or you're going to die.

Now the diabetic kitchen is just one way to get educated and support for those coping with diabetes. Talk with your doctor and find the best option for you. The Diabetic Kitchen will host a 3 mile walk and run in Grand Marias on August 10th. Free school and diabetic supplies will be given to children with diabetes.



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