Mar 25, 2013 12:24 PM by MELISSA CANONE

The Angel Channel in the news set for March 30

The Film makers of "The Angel Channel" movie will premier "'The Angel Channel' in the News" on Saturday, March 30th at 10:00 a.m. at the Rice Theatre in Crowley.

The segment, filmed in Crowley, is a live coverage event when an "on-the-scene" reporter visits the home of the Angel Lady. The phenomenon on TV - what many believe to be an angel - is drawing hundreds of believers who seek their own miracle. They wait in line for hours for their opportunity to be among the numbers "healed" by the vision.

The "News Cast" promo features actors from South Louisiana, and the world premier of it this Saturday morning will launch the film's social media campaign. "Our intention is to create a film that highlights the region authentically, with real Louisiana legends featured among the genuine backdrop of their culture. This story carries a heartfelt message that is best set here where faith and traditions run deep," says Sheri Myers, writer and producer of "The Angel Channel" movie. "We are very excited that Grammy award winner Chubby Carrier who has a special interest in the film will be attending the premier on the 30th at the Rice Theater!"

The segment being premiered will be available immediately after the launch on the film's Facebook page and YouTube channel. "We are asking everyone to ‘like' the movie's Facebook page. They will see updates to the project including future filming opportunities, the release of promos, and exciting merchandise give-aways," says Laurie Suire, who is working with Sheridan Films on marketing.

"The Angel Channel" is a magical story about a single mom with an ethereal glitch on her TV that inspires hope and belief. Admission to the premier event of the new cast promo is free and open to the public.


Photo "Haters"
On location shooting the "newscast promo," Angel Lady Haters show up to protest. These actors include locals led by Ron Cutrera and his wife Phyllis along with the "Pastor" in front, David Brecheen, from Baton Rouge with his wife Donna.

Photo "Acadian Queens"
Acadian Queens from "The Angel Channel" movie - GERCIE DAIGLE, MARTHA ROYER and DOROTHY FRUGE - are enthusiast, French-speaking supporters who sell Angel cookies and Angel Channel t-shirts to raise money for Miss Ella, The Angel Lady.



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