Nov 25, 2009 6:29 PM by Sarah Rosario

Thanksgiving Travel

Wednesday is the busiest travel day of the year. AAA predicts more than 33 million will be en route to get to their Thanksgiving destinations. Knowing this, state troopers are manning the roads.

Some holiday travelers say the economy has improved between this Thanksgiving and last, but things are still tight. That's why many have decided to drive. Jackson, Mississippi resident Frances Mack is on her way to Texas to visit family. She said driving was not even an option. "There are four of us, so if we flew Southwest that would have been about 400 dollars verses probably 100 dollars." Tennessee resident Guenther Ebeile agrees, "It's cheaper to drive. Don't have to spend money on hotels and all that."

State troopers warn holiday travelers on the road to buckle up. There is a new law that mandates everyone to wear a seatbelt or risk getting a 25 dollar ticket. "I just got two tickets, I don't want anymore. So I will follow every rule to the T; seatbelts, perfect speed limit, everything," said Lafayette traveler Nick Veasey.

To avoid all of this others like Hollie Corley have opted to fly. "It's a little more relaxing, it's not as tense with the traffic situation. So, it's easier to fly than drive."

For those who do drive, state police are out in force trying to prevent holiday weekend spoilers. "Historically the holiday season brings with it an increase in crashes as well as alcohol related crashes." So troopers advice is, if you are driving, take your time and plan for problems, and arrive alive.

Sarah Rosario



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