May 29, 2012 6:40 PM by Erin Steuber

Temporary restraining order dissolved in LPD officers vs. LCG, LPD superiors

Nearly a week ago, we began reporting on the case of nine Lafayette Police Officers alleging corruption, racial discrimination and the fear of physical retaliation, against Lafayette Consolidated Government and high ranking officers a LPD, to include Police Chief Jim Craft. On Wednesday May 23 a judge granted the officers a temporary restraining order, but did the court uphold that decision? Today was the case's first and possibly last day in court. KATC's Erin Steuber was there to find out what was decided.

Judge Kristian Earles dissolved the temporary restraining order, ruling in favor of the city. But has not dismissed the lawsuit.
"What we do know is that Judge Earles has found that their claim was completley baseless, meritless and did not warrant to be brought," said the Defendant's attorney Michael Corry. "So he assessed all cost against the plaintiffs."
The judge played a recorded conversation between Major Jackie Alfred and Lieutenant Gabriel Thompson for the court. The officer's attorney Stephen Spring says the recording proves major alfred threatened officers.
"I think the record speaks for itself," said Spring. "I'm disappointed in the judges ruling, but it's not over by a long shot."
"All he needed to hear was hear the tape in its entirety, which he did and found that the city should prevail," said Corry.
Officer Thompson says he recorded the conversation because there were issues around the office that morning. He and another officer are the only two who took the stand. Altogether, 15 people, on both sides, were subpoenaed.
"All of the issues were not addressed by the judge and that's what he wanted to concentrate on in the evidence," said Spring. "So for today that's his ruling, but like I said there's a chapter two to this."
The judge has recommended that the case go back to the civil service board before being heard again in court.

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