May 15, 2013 5:17 PM by Daniel Phillips

Temperatures Stay Low for the Spring

Things are starting to slowly warm up in Acadiana as we get closer to the start of summer, however, for the most part this has been a very cool year so far. Acadiana is currently on pace to finish up one of the coolest Mays on record. 

So far the warmest we have been all year is 85 degrees, which is wild to think that for at least 30 years we have hit 90 degrees by May 15th in Lafayette. That is every year except for 2013. 

Even as we do slowly warm up temperatures are still struggling to get to the upper 80s, and we will finish up this week for sure without hitting 90 degrees, may not get a day above 85 before the weekend. Although it is looking like we will have some of our warmest 2013 temperatures this weekend, that really isn't saying a whole lot. 

While the temperature seem to be staying rather low, humidity levels will be increasing through the week as we get closer to that time of year when pop up showers are a much more regular feature. 

The current forecast has a few isolated showers early Thursday morning with chances of rain diminishing during the day. This quiet pattern will last through the rest of the work week, with slightly better rain chances on Friday. 

Highs will be staying in the mid 80s and lows (which are much more closer to average) will be in the mid to upper 60s. 


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