Jun 21, 2013 11:25 PM by Erin Steuber

Teenager Home During Attempted Burglary

It was last Friday morning, around 9:30, when Syl Harrington woke up his 14-year-old daughter to ask her if she wanted to ride with him to the store.

"She said she'd stay home," said Harrington. "So I got in my truck and I left. When I left, I looked both ways and there were no cars that I saw anywhere, so I took off."

But just minutes later, his daughter was woken up again, this time by the dog. As she walked down the hall to the kitchen she saw a man standing in the doorway.

"He didn't even get to come in the house," she said. "I said get out of my house and he ran out the house and got in the passengers seat."

She says after he left, she immediately ran outside and into the field yelling for help.

Her cousin, Dean Dronet, who lives next door, had just gotten home and knew something was wrong. Immedaitely, he called 911.

"He bent the whole door in half," said Dronet. "He broke the whole door jam and everything. Evidently he's a pretty strong guy, but when he was met with my little cousin it startled him someone was home, so he just ran out."

Since the incident the Harrington's have taken every precaution to make sure this never happens again.

"Whoever these people are we really need to catch them because they're basically terrorizing the neighborhood and terrorizing this community," said Dronet. "They don't really care who's home, or who's not, evidently. I'm really worried somebody's really going to get hurt."

The Harrington's say the suspect left their home in a 4-door red car, driven by another person. Neighbors say there've been several break-ins in the past few weeks.



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