Jul 27, 2010 7:19 PM by Kate Mundy

Teen Hit by Jet Ski Recovers from Broken Face

A Youngsville teen is recovering after breaking almost every bone in his face. 13-year old Joey Petsche was jet-skiing in Jamaica with family,  when an out of control jet ski slammed him in the face at 55 miles per hour.

The impact could've killed him, instead it broke his jaw and shattered his face. But amazingly, it didn't break his spirit. "I kinda look different, but I look good," said Joey Petsche.

His mother wasn't prepared for what she'd see. "It didn't look like him, I was outside the waiting room and I was hysterical and I was telling the nurses that's not my son.They said yes it is. I heard him and he said mama, it's okay, come in don't be scared. It's me," said Alisha Anderson.

Three weeks and three reconstructive surgeries later, he's starting to look more like himself. "I look a lot better than I did earlier." But Petsche is now rail thin, because eating is tough. He misses hamburgers.

The impact caused extensive injuries. "The top half of the jaw was over here (pointing to the side of his face) and I broke my nose in several places, it was just destroyed," said Petsche. He broke cheekbones and lost an eye. But these days he sees life in a new light. "It looks actually pretty cool, I like it," said Petsche about his missing eye.
"He said you know mom, you don't have to be sad for me because I'm going to be a better person because of this," said Anderson. Petsche still has more surgeries, but he's looking forward to the day he can get back to things like skateboarding and playing the saxaphone. "I'll be able to do everything all over again," he said.

The oldest of four children still has to get a prosthetic eye and bills are mounting. Community fundraisers are planned to help pay for his facial surgeries. A benefit garage sale is planned for New Iberia Saturday at 105 Monterey Street in Acadian Acres. There's a raffle that local businesses have donated to, coming up August 15.

There's also an account at Woodforest Bank in the Broussard Wal Mart. It's set up in his mother's name, Alisha Anderson. The reference account number 8117018914 and routing number is 314972853.

For news of upcoming fundraisers visit:


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