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Apr 16, 2013 7:20 PM by Alex Labat

Teche Elementary Teacher Returns From Boston Marathon

While Lafayette is prepping for Festival, one Lafayette resident (who was in Boston) is preparing for a safe landing back in the Hub City.
Frederic Bonvillain ran in the marathon and finished before those two deadly explosions rocked the finish line.
He's a fifth grade teacher at Teche Elementary in Cecilia.

Bonvillain's colleagues can't wait for him to be back safe and sound at school, like Jonathan Royer, a fellow teacher who says, "He'll get a collective welcome from people. But I think on an individual basis people will be telling him what it means to them that he's safe and sound."
The French Native and runner who now calls Lafayette home, was running in his first Boston Marathon.
Bonvillain finished the race an hour ahead of the blast, learning of his fellow runner's fate watching t.v. in his hotel. Bonvillain realized what his fate might have been if he had run any slower, saying, "Thinking back it could have been me that was hit by the bomb."
After the explosions and news of three deaths and people losing limbs, the administration at Teche Elementary School decided not to tell students about what happened in Boston. Opting to let their parents explain instead.
"I just feel like as a parent, I would prefer to break something like that to my child then have them hear that at school without anyone trained to assist them if they needed it", says Patti Guidry, Principal at Teche Elementary.
The school is trying not to focus on the bombings at all, but instead celebrate the return of Bonvillain who's much more to them than just a teacher.
"He is part of the family and we're so happy to hear that he's fine. Sad to hear about all of the other "casualties" if you will, but just thankful that our family member is well", says Guidry.

While Bonvillain was fortunate to get out of Boston unharmed, many were not. If you'd like to help, you can donate to the Salvation Army.
They're accepting things like food, clothes, and gift cards to give to both survivors and first responders. You can make a monetary donation to the Boston Emergency Services Fund here.
Next, donate blood. In situations like this, certain blood-types may run low, so donating blood to a local red cross can make the difference between life and death. You can find more information on the Red Cross by clicking here.
Lastly, donating your time. You can help those looking for loved ones by calling either the Boston Mayor's hotline at 617-635-4500, or checking Google's "Person Finder", which you can find here.



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