Sep 16, 2012 11:51 PM by Alex Labat

Tech Talk: Is the iPhone 5 the Right Phone for You?

This week, Apple's latest iPhone hits store shelves. Pre-orders sold out, so there's sure to be a rush at the stores this week. But before you get in line, is it worth the wait?

In Apple's own words, they've set out to not just make a new phone, but a much better phone. So the question is--have they done it? Well, the phone does have a newer, longer screen, and improved performance and camera capabilites. But besides that, there isn't very much that's changed between this iPhone and it's predecessor, the iPhone 4s.

What IS different is the pace at which the iPhone 5 is selling. The iPhone 4S preorder stock sold out in less that 24 hours...while it only took the iPhone 5 ONE hour for Apple to completely sell out of it's phone stock. So if you haven't purchased one yet, should you?

Mario Armstrong, Tech and Digital Lifestyle Expert says, "If you have an iPhone 4S, this may not be a necessary upgrade for you, because when the software comes out, you'll get a lot of the enhancements that the new phone will have in the software, which is free. But if you have anything older than an iPhone 4S, I absolutely think that this is a worthy purchase."

Remember, the 4S went on sale just last October, so an iPhone 5S or 6 can't be that far off. Those who do make the leap and attempt to purchase the new iPhone September 21st should look carefully at the plans being offered by the carriers, and be prepared for a wait.

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--Alex Labat



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