Dec 30, 2012 11:51 PM by Alex Labat

Tech Talk: Biggest Tech Events of 2012

With 2012 on the way out, we wanted to take a look back at technology over the past year, and its impact on our lives.

2012 was a momentous year for the world of tech. From Facebook going public to the internet fighting to maintain it's privacy, we witnessed the evolution and revolution of the technology we use in our everyday lives. But what were some of the biggest stories of 2012?

One of them involves bigger phones and smaller tablets. In the ever increasing war of the mobile device, Apple and Google are at the forefront. The new iPhone increased it's screen real estate, while the new iPad decreased it's screen size. That war isn't just in the marketplace; it's in the courtroom as well. Apple won a one billion dollar lawsuit against Samsung for patent infringement. Not everything has been a "win" for Apple this year, though, as Apple's map debacle lead to the firing of some chief Apple executives.

Speaking of "billion dollar deals", Facebook purchasing Instagram was another big story of 2012. The social media giant bought the photo-sharing service for $1 billion in cash and stock--stock that didn't fare so well after Facebook's poor performance on the stock market.

But what was the biggest story of 2012? Sas it SOPA? Or Windows 8? No, the biggest advancement of 2012 was us. our curiosity. Whether it be landing a rover on a planet 62 million miles away, or skydiving from twenty four miles above our very own, the curiosity of the human race to push itself to beyond both physical and technological limits is the biggest story of 2012.

What will 2013 bring? If you're curious as to what i think the new year has in store, like me on Facebook or send me an email to

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