Feb 25, 2013 8:28 AM by Kristen Holloway

Teachers are Resigning and Retiring in Lafayette at an Alarming Rate.

Teachers are resigning and retiring in Lafayette at an alarming rate. Many educators are leaving the classroom due to changes in the state educational system like teacher evaluation models, lack of direction and available resources. From August 2012 through this January, teacher resignations have nearly tripled in the Lafayette Parish School System, from 29 to 102. Retirements more than doubled during that period, from 19 to 41. The main reason for teachers leaving come from statewide changes in the way teachers are evaluated; reduced retirement benefits; and a shifting focus to private school vouchers. Lafayette School Superintendent Pat Cooper says when a teacher leaves during the school year, the flow of education is interrupted, so keeping educators in the classroom has to be priority for the district.
Also teachers retiring from public schools in the state increased by nearly 27 % in the 2012 fiscal year. That's over 32,00 teachers gone from public schools. So this isn't a problem just happening in Lafayette. It's a problem state-wide.


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