Mar 23, 2010 7:25 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Tea Party Protest in Putnam Park

Health care supporters in Washington may be celebrating today, but many Lafayette residents are doing quite the opposite.


One protestor, Thomas Noell said, “The Democratic Party is not following the rules.”


Protestors gathered at Putnam Park to make sure their voices are heard. They say the health care bill is unconstitutional.


“If one side doesn’t follow the rules, the constitution, then how is the game of politics in Washington going to be played,” said Noell.


Another protestor, Betty Johnson, said “Our country is just getting away from our original constitution. Our constitution was never meant to be a living, breathing, changing document.”


 Many of the protestors feel that the health care bill means less freedom and more

Control by the government.


“People think that they are getting good health care, but the thing is not about health care. This thing is about consolidating power,” Johnson said.


As a former doctor, Noell knows it’s important to provide for the poor, but it’s something you choose to do, not something you are forced to do.


“It’s my duty as a caring, human being to make that available, it is not their right to demand it of me and take it from me, “ he said.


Now that the bill has the president’s signature, it’s an uphill battle for these protestors.





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