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Sep 1, 2011 11:46 PM by Maddie Garrett

TD #13 Comparable to TS Allison and Hurricane Juan

While the winds have picked up and some limited rain has started to fall, it's still unclear what kind of weather event Tropical Depression 13 is going to be. And that has some people looking to the past.

When Tropical Storm Allison first popped up on the radar, many people didn't think much about it.

"Let's face it, it rains here all the time so it's not that big of a deal. Once it got here and the water crept further and further towards my front door the anxiety was tremendous, especially because I'd just had a baby," said Broussard resident Rachel Stone.

Stone remembers Allison all too well, her now ten year old daughter was only days old and her new house was about to flood.

"So the water came up the street and all the way up to our front door," she said while standing outside.

And this newest tropical depression seems a lot like that storm back in June 2001.

"This storm system kind of compares to Tropical Storm Allison, Hurricane Juan, in a lot of ways because it's meandering, it's cut off from general circulation. And unfortunately a meandering system and a tropical system has exponential rainfall potential," explained KATC Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo.

But there are some differences between Allison and this TD 13. For one, this year has been relatively dry.

"The river is low right now, the swamp which the river will overflow into is very low right now. The ground is dry, lots of saturation could happen," said Tom Carroll, Director of Lafayette City-Parish Public Works.

Carroll added the drainage system is also better equipped to handle record rainfall.

"We have made considerable improvements in that Youngsville area, Broussard area, south of there, to where if we do have a strong storm event we will be better off than we were 10 years ago during Allison," he said.

As always, tropical storms are unpredictable and we just won't know how much rainfall Acadiana will actually get until the weather system is here.

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