Jul 23, 2013 6:30 PM

Suspect in custody in Scott meth operation

At least one suspect has been handcuffed and is in Scott Police custody at the scene of a possible meth lab at the corner of St. Mary and St. Louis streets in Scott.

According to Scott Police, they arrested Joshua Carmichael who said he was cooking the drugs when he dropped the containers on the floor because of chemical reaction occurring in his hands.

Police said there were no injuries on the scene.

Scott police chief Chad Leger said he received an anonymous tip from Metro Narcotics about the operation. He also said there was an open warrant for Carmichael prior to today's arrest.

Three other individuals, including at least one juvenile, were found inside the residence.

According to Leger, officers could smell the chemicals in the house as they entered. A Lafayette Fire Department unit was on the scene to make sure the chemicals didn't catch fire. A hazardous material squad will move in to neutralize the chemicals.



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