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May 24, 2012 10:21 PM by Erin Steuber

Subponeas issued in LPD officers vs. LCG and LPD

Since we began reporting on the upheaval at the Lafayette police department on Tuesday, four more officers have joined the five already asking for a restraining order against their superiors.On Tuesday we told you five officers alleged threats of potential violence, public deception and retaliation. The officers asked for protection from LGC, the chief of police, CAO Dee Stanley and Major George "Jackie" Alfred. On May 29, a judge will hear arguments on why five Lafayette police officers want a restraining order filed against, among others, the chief of police.
"It is also an order of protection for the safety of the officers under the Police Bill of Rights," said Attorney Stephen Spring. "There can be no retaliation by anyone that is made a defendant or within the department."
This all started with a complaint made by an officer to the civil service board. That officer alleged his superior responded by filing an investigation to retaliate.The officer says that investigation should have been completed in 60 days, or it's declared null and void.
"It should have been completed sometime in April. And recently as a week ago, or 10 days ago, to conduct quote 'the investigation' for what was started back in February," said Spring.
The officers attorney provided KATC with recordings made by the officers secretly, giving us portions they say prove their claims. In one, the attorney claims Major George Alfred is reacting to a complaint made against him.
"You gotta put up or shut up. They're gonna tell them that I retaliated against him, and that I violated policy," said Alfred. "He's not gonna go before a board and make those accusations and then just walk away from it."
In the recording the officer goes on to say changes are on the way and he'll file his own complaint.
"I'm pushing for some disciplinary action," said Alfred. "You can't go and discredit people in a public forum and just walk away from it."
No one with the Lafayette police department could comment on camera about this case. We did find out though, 19 officers will be transferred in the department, which will take effect in June. One of the reasons we're told for the transfers is to make the officers better trained so they are more well-rounded and prepared for the next rank.

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