Apr 26, 2012 6:14 PM by Erin Steuber

Students stay on track to graduate with eCampus

Students across Lafayette Parish are getting the opportunity to stay on track for graduation by logging on to the internet. One hundred high school students from across Lafayette Parish are enrolled in the program. Helping them get the courses needed to graduate
"We have 45 different courses," said Jarrett Coutee, Admnistrator of eCampus. "We have a whole suite of math courses, we have some very attractive electives and of course the core courses."
Don't think online courses are an easy 'A', Coutee says the classes are just as rigorous.
"The courses they do have fidelity," said Coutee. "I believe our online learners learn that quickly, but like i said, they do enjoy it. It's in their environment, they are learning in their arena."
Monday to Friday the lab is available to eCampus students from 2 to 9pm to work on their courses, or get help from a tutor.
"Teachers are critical for our online learning, their critical in helping our students and developing our students," said Coutee. "Our program does not work without good teachers."
Students must take tests in the lab, but can do their work from home.
"Parents are involved, parents are watching them interact with the course, parents are watching them do the lessons," said Coutee. "So I believe parent engagement has increased with the online courses. It's taken learning into the home."
You can sign up for eCampus classes with a high school counselor at any Lafayette Parish high school.
The success of eCampus has sparked a new program.
The Virtual Learning Initiative is in all five Lafayette Parish high schools. It targets specific students who fail certain core courses and allows them to re-take the course online, but at their own school.
In all, 900 students across the Parish are part of digital classrooms.


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