Jul 17, 2014 11:58 AM by Dave Fields

Students learn introductory coding, web development from Praxeas

Middle school students and high school freshmen are seizing a free opportunity to learn coding during a technology workshop at the FAC Fellowship Hall on Duhon Rd. in Lafayette.

David Blanchard III, Enterprise Software Architect for Praxeas Technology, is conducting this beginner class for students who need not have any prior experience in web design. The class, entitled Intro to Coding, began yesterday and will conclude Friday, when students will be issued a certificate of completion that may be included with high school and college applications. The course is designed provide an introduction to web development for students entering a college preparatory environment.

Praxeas Technology, LLC, a company founded in 1997 by David Blanchard III, served as a Service Based Software Developer that provides user friendly quality software solutions to support multiple industries. The company's flagship product is Preventive Maintenance Application which services and supports thousands of users in the Gulf of Mexico to provide data for SEMS and upkeep of all service done to the equipment including work orders, runtime, oil samples, parts requisition, and repair/core logs.



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