Dec 6, 2010 7:23 PM by Maddie Garrett

Students Help Save a Life at Football Game

Student trainers are usually worried about the players on the field. But last week several Lafayette teens came to the rescue of someone unexpected. A referee at a football game Wednesday night collapsed on the side lines, and the LHS student trainers immediately sprang into action.

"We teach them CPR, we teach them how to use the AED, we teach them basic life support," said Jennifer Morrow, Co-Director of the LHS Medical Careers Academy.

Morrow was there the night Kenny Henry suffered from a heart attack and cardiac arrest while officiating a game. She says she couldn't be more proud of the high school girls who put their skills and training into action.

"It was very scary but we were going to do everything we could to help him to make sure he would survive," said Kelci Lions, one of the student trainers.

Lions, along with Kennen Granger, Natalie White and Claire Black immediately followed their emergency action plan by calling an ambulance, blocking off and clearing the scene and getting the Automatic External Defibrillator, or AED.

"It's analyzing it and telling you if the heart rate is good or not, and whether or not that person needs to be shocked. And if it does then everybody stands back and it shocks the person and it revives them," explained Lions.

Henry's heart had to be shocked twice to revive him. He was then rushed to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. It was the girls' teamwork that got him to the hospital in time.

"They knew exactly what to do, they got it all done I didn't even have to tell them a thing, they just jumped into action," said LHS Certified Trainer Aimee Gros.

And their quick thinking is the reason Henry is alive today.

"It puts things in perspective. We don't just give people water, bad things can happen and we have to be there," said student Claire Black.

All of the girls are part of the Medical Careers Academy. They will be honored in a ceremony next week.



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