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Sep 3, 2012 1:35 PM

Students displaced by hurricane can enroll in any school in new parish

Any student who was displaced by Hurricane Isaac can return to school wherever they had to relocate.

"Louisiana is prepared to provide families who have been displaced by Hurricane Isaac with options to continue their child's education," said John White, State Superintendent of Education. "Public schools across Louisiana are opening on Tuesday and they will welcome any student who has had to relocate because of the catastrophic storm."

Almost all school districts will be able to open school this coming week, and at the latest, a few districts will open soon thereafter.

Families who are unable to return home can enroll their child in a public school in the parish they are currently residing. Local parishes are prepared to accept students who are displaced, regardless of the length of their enrollment in the communities in which they are currently living.

Parents who are staying with family and friends or have temporarily relocated can enroll their child in the local public school for the duration of their evacuation - whether their relocation lasts a couple of weeks or several months. When families return home, parents will be able to transfer their child to their original parish school. Students who have relocated to a neighboring parish as a result of the storm can remain in school in their original parish.


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