Student teacher says he was removed from school

LAFAYETTE, La. (AP) - A student teacher who spoke out about discipline problems at the School Board meeting Wednesday said he was removed by police from the Carencro High School campus on Thursday.

The Advertiser reports Derrick Comeaux, an education student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, spoke vehemently about students cursing at teachers, ignoring authority and disrupting classes.

He repeatedly quoted students as using expletives in responding to teacher commands, and said some disrupted classes by expelling gas.

"I just had enough," Comeaux said Thursday, when asked why he spoke up at the meeting. "I pleaded to the school board for help. They need to meet with teachers and find out what is going on. Although they were very explicit examples, I wanted to get the point across that I had enough."

There was no immediate response at the meeting to Comeaux's comments, although he said several board members spoke to him afterwards.

Comeaux said he was in a planning period at Carencro High with other teachers Thursday morning when Principal Ken Roebuck entered the classroom they were using.

"He said, 'You need to get your stuff and get the hell off my campus,'" Comeaux said.

Comeaux said he complied. Another teacher and a Carencro police officer watched him turn in keys and other items belonging to the school.

School officials have not commended on the removal.

Comeaux said he met with his advisers at UL, who told him the removal was a direct result of his address to the school board.

"They said it was the fact that I had gone last night and criticized the discipline policy at his school, which is not true," Comeaux said. "I never made a reference about the school or a student or any particular individual."


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