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Sep 20, 2011 10:33 PM by Maddie Garrett

Student Suspended for Flushing Drug at School

Students were caught with drugs at Parks Middle School, but the parent said she doesn't think her son should be suspended.

12-year-old Brennan Segur said he was offered some kind of narcotic pill in the bathroom at Parks Middle School two days in a row.

"He showed me this pill and he said you're going to take it with me and everything," Segur said.

Afraid he would be bullied, Brennan said accepted the pill the second time. But after the other student left, he immediately flushed the drug down the toilet and told his parents about the incident.

"I was actually a little scared about it, that they were trying to make me take something that I didn't know what it was," said Brennan.

After Segur's mother, Kindall Doucet, reported the incident to school officials, her son was suspended. Principal Pamela Jordan said possessing the drug, even for a few minutes, was a clear violation of school rules and state law.

But Doucet said she is proud of her son and shouldn't be punished for telling the truth.

"I think he did the right thing and he's getting nine days out of school suspension with recommended expulsion, and he had to do a drug assessment test today," Doucet said.

"I understand what the mom feels, I understand that. But again, as a principal of the district I still must follow the policies and state law in order to be fair, you know, among all our kids," explained Principal Jordan.

It was a tough lesson learned, but Doucet doesn't think it's sending the right message.

"I do understand policies but it can't continue like this, I mean nobody's going to come forward," she said.

Brennan's hearing is Wednesday, where he will find out if he can return to school, have to attend an alternative school or be expelled.

The principal could not comment on the other students involved, but said all policies were followed and proper action taken.



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