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Oct 1, 2010 6:53 PM by Letitia Walker

Student Arrested After Shooting Threat Was Made

In St. Landry Parish, a student is arrested at school after threatening to shoot her classmates. Now that teenager is facing criminal charges and possible expulsion.
It happened at MACA --- The Magnet Academy for Cultural Arts.
The teen told police she was bullied, and that's why the threat was made.
It's a story you'll only see on KATC.
Shawn Kline spoke with the principal, who said she immediately called police when they heard of these threats.
When police searched the student this morning, they didn't find any dangerous weapons, but they still charged the teenager with terrorizing.
According to Captain Martin Mclendon, ""the word got around that she had promised to bring a gun and use it in the 7th hour."
Principal Stella Thomas doesn't believe the student was going to follow through with those threats, but says the school can't take any chances.
"The way things are happening, you don't want to say oh i don't think she would do that and just over look it," says Thomas.
After a number of interviews with students and teachers, police charged the teenager with terrorizing, but they say more students could be arrested and charged with the same if the bullying persists.
"If you make threats that would cause harm or to incite the general public to fear for their life then you will also be charged yourself."
The teenager is now at home and will be suspended from school until there's a hearing to decide if there will be an expulsion.


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