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Mar 18, 2014 6:56 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Stray shots repeatedly hit Crowley home

An Acadia Parish couple is concerned about bullets repeatedly hitting their Crowley home, which is located along Broadacres Drive near Interstate 10.

The couple thinks shots are being fired nearby and up in the air, so when the bullets come down they go through their home's roof.

Bullets first hit the house about two years ago. Water found on the kitchen floor was the first sign something was wrong.

"There's no piping nowhere for water to come on this side, and when I went upstairs and started checking, (I) found a bullet hole in the roof in this general area," said Dave Bratton, who owns the home with his wife Shirley.

The damage has since been fixed, but the Brattons' found another bullet hole this January in their patio roof. They said a few days ago, they found a dent in the roof from another bullet.

"We have guns, we shoot guns, and we enjoy it, and we're not down on guns. But somebody needs to realize that what they have done could have very well killed somebody," said Shirley Bratton.

"A lot of times around the Fourth of July and New Year's, people celebrate by firing a firearm up in the air, and that bullet has to come down somewhere. But they don't think of the consequences, if I strike someone what could happen to me," said Crowley Police Chief K.P. Gibson.

Gibson said this falls under illegal discharge of a fire arm..

"You have a negligent act that occurs, and anytime a negligent act that occurs, let's say it harms someone but doesn't kill them, you have a negligent injury. Or if it does kill someone, you have a negligent homicide that's occurred that's covered by Louisiana law," Gibson said.

"You'll probably never know who did it; the person who did it probably will never know he did it or they did it. But it's just to make the public aware to be more careful and aware of where your bullets are going to end up," Dave Bratton said.

Firing a bullet into the air could hurt someone and lead to negligent injury or homicide. Negligent injury carries a fine up to $500 and six months in jail. For negligent homicide, a person could spend up to five years in prison and face up to a $5,000 fine.



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