Mar 22, 2013 7:19 AM by Kristen Holloway

Stop the Violence Rally: Hilda Street Murders

A neighborhood on the northside of Lafayette is taking a stand after two murders in two months. Tomorrow afternoon, A Stop the Violence Rally will be held in Lafayette. The two murders and a rash of other crimes have plagued the Hilda Street area. The rally is being held due to a 17-year-old shot and killed on Hilda Street on March 15th. Also in the same area, where 20 year-old Jordan Melancon was shot and killed back on MLK day. In the last 90 days 108 crimes have been committed in the area,12 of those crimes were in the violent category. The violence has caught the attention of the Lafayette City Parish Council, which earlier this week they held a special meeting to discuss possible changes in the area.
"How many more of our young men have to die before people decide that a change needs to occur within our community," said Councilmen District 3 Brandon Shelvin.
LPD say they will be moving an unmanned vehicle called the "armadillo" into the area. They can park it in a troubled area and have it record audio and video of whatever is happening in the area. Now if you would like to attend The Stop the Violence Rally, it's held tomorrow from 2-5p.m. at the MLK Center on Cora Street.


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