May 15, 2013 7:26 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Stolen Car Found, Owner Still Upset

You can't miss Levy Garrick's bright blue 1992 Cadillac which seemingly disappeared this past weekend. Garrick went right to Church Point Police.

"Church Point didn't do nothing, nothing for me, they didn't help me no way," Levy Garrick said.

So Garrick took matters into his own hands. A friend spotted that unmistakable "Ride" in a Lafayette parking lot.

"If it wouldn't have been for me finding my car, I wouldn't still had my car!" Garrick said.

His car is vandalized. But what makes Garrick even more angry is when he reported it to Lafayette Police. They ran his plates and told him the car didn't come up as stolen.

"I told him I made the report. He called Church Point and Church Point said that they didn't even log it into the computers because I didn't give them enough information for the car, I mean, what more...I wrote a statement what more do you want? I gave them a copy of the title, what more do you want?" Garrick said.

Church Point Police declined an on camera interview Wednesday, but say they are actively investigating.

"I got finger prints, waiting on Church Point to come finger print it, they didn't even do nothing," Garrick said.

Everything Levy Garrick found in his stolen vehicle is still in its place, just in case police come by and do fingerprints to help him find out who stole his car.

"I ain't really tripping about the car, that's material, I'd do it again. I just want Church Point to be better prepared if the situation ever happen again," Garrick said.



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