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Feb 26, 2014 11:20 PM by Kristen Holloway

State Senator Introduces Breastfeeding Bill

New mothers may soon have another reason to breast feed their babies. A state senator has introduced a bill that would double the number of breast feeding rooms in state office buildings.

Nursing mothers know there are tons of benefits for breastfeeding their babies.

"I breast feed my 4 month old for healthy reasons and of course to make sure she's getting all the proper nutrition as a nurse, I find that's important also very money conscious, it saves a lot of money," said Nursing Mother Katelyn Townley.

If new mothers are going back and forth about possibly breastfeeding, Senator David Heitmeier of New Orleans is trying to make that decision easier. Right now the state mandate is there has to be at least ten lactation rooms in state buildings by July of this year. Heitmeier's bill aims to double that number to twenty rooms by 2016.

To be considered a "lactation room" the room must have a lockable door, work surface, chair, storage for cleaning supplies and an electrical outlet.

"If moms had private places to pump I think they would be more willing to doing it, you don't want to feel sort of uncomfortable in your own environment and to have people staring at you," Kimberly Delahoussaye RN Lactation Nurse.

Delahoussaye says research shows breastfeeding for up to six months reduces a child's risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity but many mothers say it also provides a special connection to their baby.

"The bonding is very important, while I'm at home I get to bond with her but while I'm at work, I like to pump it makes me feel close to my daughter," said Townley.

Heitmeier bill's will be introduced this legislative session that starts in less than two weeks on March 10th.



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