Jun 18, 2014 8:15 PM by Dave Fields

State Fire Marshal offers K9 & technological resources to address Lafayette arsons

The Louisiana Fire Marshal's Office confirms that it has offered the state's K9 and technological resources to the Lafayette Fire Department as they seek to combat recent arsons at vacant properties in Lafayette.

Deputy Fire Marshal Brant Thompson tells KATC that, although "it has not been determined that there is any connection with each of these fires," the state fire marshal's office is working with LFD to in any way it can assist in the investigation.

"We've offered any resources that we may be able to bring to bear to address these fires," Thompson said.

Thompson noted that LFD has been plotting each of the fires on a map, providing investigators with a visual that will allow them to be proactive should another arson at a vacant structure occur. The deputy marshal said that investigators are "always looking for commonality" among each of the intentionally set blazes.

Within the last week, LFD has determined that at least 6 of the 7 fires in vacant Lafayette buildings have been intentionally set. Earlier Wednesday, LFD officials told KATC they were not ready to comment on the status of the investigation.



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