St. Mary

Jul 4, 2014 7:27 PM

St. Mary deputies confirm video released on social media sites is from their jail

An investigation is underway in St. Mary Parish after deputies say videos of inmates at the Centerville jail surfaced on social media sites. Sheriff's spokeswoman, Traci Landry, confirms the videos were taken inside the St. Mary Parish Law Enforcement Center. She says they learned of the video Thursday afternoon, and deputies promptly searched the jail. Landry says they have confiscated all the items seen in the videos and pictures, and they've identified all the suspects involved.

"There's pending disciplinary action and possible criminal charges against them," says Landry. "We do know how the items entered the facility, but we will not release that information."

Landry says they did not find any evidence that any deputy was involved in helping the inmates get the illegal items into the jail, but she adds it is very early in the investigation. In the pictures and videos, it appears inmates have cell phones, weapons, and at one point we see an unidentified substance in a plastic bag. At no point in the video, which is several minutes long, do we see a correctional officer.

We've attached several pictures, as well as a portion of the video uploaded to Facebook.

Deputies say they'll have more information on this investigation Monday.









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