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Mar 27, 2013 7:25 AM by Elizabeth Hill

St. Martinville teen starts duct tape craft business

Duct tape is no longer just for fixing leaky pipes or that busted screen door.

14-year-old Brandon Alleman and his friends started making duct tape crafts as a hobby.

"I figured hey, I could probably make things and sell them to kids at school and then I figured it could maybe be bigger and I was making money off of it."

Alleman now has a website and can fill orders from anywhere in the world.

"He had questions for me about how to set up payments online, and a few things he needed from me, but other than that the entire project was his."

Mom Allison says she's impressed by her son's entrepreneurial spirit.

"The knowledge that he's getting now he can expand on in the future when he's actually an adult and he needs to be a successful business person."

Mom and dad even added a little extra incentive for Brandon to keep up the good work.

"He's been asking for a dog for many years."

"I'm starting to get money in so now I can spoil the dog."

Brandon's doing more than just spoil little Sweet Pea.

"He's been responsible for her, he's been buying the puppy food and taking care of everything so it's been a great opportunity."

You can see all of the things Brandon makes at his website. Brandon not only sells his crafts online, but also some weekends at the Delcambre Seafood and Farmer's Market. He will be there April 20, May 11 and June 1.



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