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Oct 30, 2013 7:30 PM by Akeam Ashford

St. Martinville High School Needs New Baseball Field

A misunderstanding between St. Martin Parish and a circus company has left the St. Martinville High School baseball diamond in desperate need of repair.

The baseball team uses Magnolia Park for all its practices and games.

The circus was told it could move its tent to the baseball diamond after complaining the big top wasn't visible from the road, according to St. Martinville councilman Mike Fuselier.

Apparently, the circus should have been set up on the next field over.

As ironic as it may be, St. Martinville put a circus on its high school's baseball diamond.

A literal circus -- not a circus caused by his players dropping pop-flies, says head coach Michael Lemoine.

"There's an old saying in baseball about when things get out of hand and everybody makes errors, put a tent over that circus," says Lemoine.

A traveling circus left the damage behind. According to Fuselier, it's because a city employee put the circus in the wrong place.

"They were supposed to be in the back, way in the back, but from what I understand, they got moved up to the front because of visibility," says Fuselier.

The baseball team won't need the field until the beginning of next year.

The city has taken full responsibility for the damage and will work around the clock to fix it.

Fuselier says a city worker will make the repairs. He says neither the high school, or residents will have to come up with the money.

To get the field back to playing condition, the parish will need to till the soil, level the field, and then plant new grass.




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