St. Martin

Jun 19, 2013 3:43 PM

St. Martin Parish Sheriff to end Breaux Bridge prison operation

The St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office will stop housing prisoners at its Mills Avenue facility at the end of next week, leaving only the office functions at that location. The closure will mean layoffs for nine people who have been employed at the facility, according to St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Maj. Ginny Higgins.

She said those people had been employed there for less than a year and that several were looking for work in other regional jail facilities.

Higgins also said other displaced employees would be moved to the parish jail facility in St. Martinville.

The complex was first purchased and renovated in 1996 as a correctional center for Department of Corrections and U.S. Marshal's Office prisoners. Decreased demand from the state, along with increasing inmate housing costs, have driven the operating cost up to $1.1 million dollars per year.

The St. Martin Parish Jail facility will not be affected by this closure.

The office located on Mills Avenue will remain open to allow citizens the convenience of obtaining occupational licenses, as well as paying fines and taxes. Future uses for the complex are currently being reviewed and considered.



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