Jun 20, 2012 5:48 PM by Erin Steuber

St. Martin Parish military man's arrest caught on tape

The FBI investigates an arrest made by the Lafayette Police Department, that was caught on tape. It happened outside a Lafayette night club more than two years ago. It happened two years ago, but the video was posted just last week on Youtube, under the screen name "James Bond".

In June of 2010, it all began with a fight in the parking lot of a downtown Lafayette nightclub. You can see in the video the man, identified as Morris Thomas III, talking with police officers. At one point, one officer swings at Thomas, but it is unknown what is said or done before that moment. Within seconds, both officers are involved in a physical altercation. Thomas is handcuffed and dragged away.

Thomas did file a federal suit that was dismissed in March of this year. In it, he says he was continuously punched by officers with a closed fist, leading to serious injuries on his head and body. The suit goes on to say he became unconscious, as the two officers "hog-tied" him, and then dragging him to the squad car.

Thomas serves in the Army at Fort Bragg. He did plead guilty to resisting an officer and simple battery. His family says he was offered a plea after the video surfaced in court; he was facing a charge of "battery on a police officer" before the plea.

The case is now closed in both district and federal court. The family tells us they weren't aware an outside agency was involved in the investigation until the video surfaced on the internet this month.



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