St. Martin

Oct 17, 2012 3:48 PM by Elizabeth Hill

St. Martin Officials expect dredging to get rid of Hydrilla problem in Lake Henderson

For almost 15 years, Hydrilla has crept into the swamps of Henderson.

"This lake was cleared, within one month the entire flats area was covered with Hydrilla," says Henderson Mayor and lifetime resident Sherbin Collette.

Only one thing has killed what Collette calls the devils grass.

"Lowering the lake for two consecutive years eradicated the plant by 80 percent."

The problem? When the lake was lowered to kill the Hydrilla it cut off access to boaters.

"You're shutting down some businesses and you can't do that."

Now St. Martin Parish has partnered with the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources to dredge the area near boat landings at Lake Henderson to provide a deep canal for boats to get to open water even when the lake is lowered.

"We are actually going to be removing silt to allow access to an area we're going to improve the water quality as well," says Parish President Guy Cormier.

"It's gonna be a plus for everything that happens on the lake," says Collette.

Mayor Collette is proposing the lake be lowered every year from July 1 to September 1. This dredging project means, during this time, activity on the water won't be interrupted.



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